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Shifting Your Business Lighting To Leds

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Businesses need a lot of lighting, and that can send their budget soaring as various bulbs burn out over time. As LEDs have come down in price, they have become a leading choice for bulb type when companies re-evaluate their lighting needs. If you have not yet converted your business' lighting to LEDs, it's time to consider it, because these bulbs are much better for almost every application.

When You Need Long-Lasting Light

LEDs can't be beat when it comes to longevity. Even when left on all day and night, an LED bulb can last as long as five years -- and much longer, up to 10 to 13, if the bulb is not constantly in use. If you have lights where the bulbs are hard to reach, and you need those lights on a lot, LEDs give you the most usable time without requiring you to struggle to constantly reach the fixture to change the bulb.

When You Need to Reduce Heat

LED bulbs give off a cool light. Not a lot of heat emanates from these, so if you have to keep a room cool, or if your facility is located in a region known for hot days, LEDs are what you need to use. They are good for server rooms and labs, and for offices with windows on the south and west (that become hotter in summer than north and east offices).

The one caveat here is that, if you have an application where a little heat has helped, then you may want incandescent or halogen bulbs. A classic example occurs in winter in northern areas where snow accumulates on stoplight fixtures, and LED bulbs have not been hot enough to melt the snow. Thus the lights were blocked from drivers' views and caused accidents. In those cases, LEDs turned out not to be so suitable. But that's about it -- the bulbs do well in other situations.

When You're Tired of Special Disposal Instructions

Of the bulbs that last the longest times, only LEDs do not require special disposal. When you have to get rid of a compact fluorescent, either because it finally burned out or because it broke, you have to be very careful and take the bulb to a hazardous waste facility. LEDs can go in the trash like incandescent lights can. And, because LEDs last so long, you're not adding as much to landfills.

LEDs are easy to find, and businesses can order bulk bulbs if they need a lot of light. The bulbs come in different colors, warmths, and sizes, and they can replace almost every bulb in a facility. Contact a company, like Thin Light Technologies, for more help.