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4 Things To Check To Ensure Your Gasoline Tank Is Safe

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If you are a gasoline tank owner, then before you get that tank refilled with a gasoline delivery service, you need to ensure the tank is safe for a new gasoline delivery. You will want to check for corrosion, saturation, roots, and fire hazards to ensure the delivery will go safely.

#1: Corrosion

First, you are going to want to check for signs of corrosion on the tank. You will want to make sure that there is no evidence of rust or corrosion on the outside of the tank. Rust on your tank is a dangerous sign, as once rust is present, it can quickly and easily grow, resulting in a hole in the tank body. A hole can lead to a fuel leak, which can be very dangerous. 

You can prevent corrosion from occurring to your gas tank by ensuring the tank's metal surface is adequately covered. The paint on the tank needs to be in good shape; if you notice any cracks in the paint, you will want to repaint the tank right away. 

#2: Saturation

With an underground tank, you need to be aware of the issue of saturation. An underground tank will be protected against exposure to rain and snow; however, the tank could still develop rust if the surrounding soil is exposed to too much moisture. If you have a yard installed over the top of the tank, you need to make sure you don't over irrigate and don't allow puddles to form on top of the tank.

#3: Roots

Third, you need to be aware of the danger of aggressive tree roots. If you have large trees on your property near where the tank is stored, those roots could puncture the tank's walls. You need to work with an arborist to ensure the tree roots don't impede the gas tank. Roots can be damaging and result in an underground gas leak.

#4: Fire Hazards

Fourth, you will want to make sure that there are no fire hazards near the tank. If the tank is above ground, you will want to make sure that no fire substances, such as barbecues, are anywhere close to the tank. You need to make sure that no flammable substances are anywhere near the tank as well.

Before you have gasoline delivered to your home or business, you want to make sure your tank is safe for the delivery process. Make sure the tank doesn't have any rust and there are no fire hazards nearby. If the tank is underground, make sure the tank is protected against roots and water saturation.