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Why LED Lighting May Be A Better Choice For Your Warehouse Facility

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Lighting inside a warehouse or manufacturing space is vital, and many facilities use high bay lighting solutions to provide light to the work areas. Providing enough light from high above the work floor can be difficult and require a lot of light fixtures. However, newer LED high bay light fixtures can offer benefits that make them a better option for many businesses.

Light And Shadows

When you are lighting a work area, having a lot of shadows or areas with minimal lighting can cause production issues and may be unsafe. High bay lights are mounting as close to the ceiling as possible in many buildings to ensure they are out of harm's way, but that can cause a lot of light fall-off and may require more fixtures in a smaller area to compensate for the lack of light. 

The additional cost of the fixtures and the cost to run them can add up quickly. Replacing the old light fixtures with a LED high bay light is often a better option and can reduce the cost of both the light fixtures and the cost to run them. The LEDs can be retrofitted in the space, and often the number of lights required is lower because each LED high bay light offers more light than the standard lights. 

Cost And Lifespan

A LED high bay light with the same design as the old lighting you used can easily fit into the same space as the old lights. The cost to operate the LED lights is lower, you may need fewer lights, and the cost savings can be significant. 

The energy use of an LED is not the only place you can save money. The diodes used in these lights have a much longer service life than standard bulbs, so you will not need to replace the LED lights as often. LEDs can last for several years with everyday use, depending on the type of light and the manufacturer's design.

The LED high bay light you choose may also have the option to dim the lights when not in use or if you do not need light in an area of the facility. The LED high bay light can operate at partial power with the flip of a switch, and if you have the electrician installing the lights set them up correctly, you can shut most of the lights off and operate a small amount for security and safety. 

LED lighting is quickly becoming the standard in the US. Eventually, many of the older light options will become obsolete, so making the change early can help reduce the cost, and set you up for the future in your manufacturing facility or warehouse operation.