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How To Check A Propane Tank For Leaks

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If you are getting ready for the warmer weather, then it may be time to fire up the grill and get it ready for cooking. If you have not used the grill for some time, then you should check the propane tank to make sure it does not leak. Keep reading to learn how to investigate leaks and also to find out what you should do if one is located. Read More»

Using Your Truck Driver Qualifications To Get A Job As A Coil Tubing Operator

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While working as a semi truck driver hauling goods over long distances provides you with independence and flexible scheduling, you can use your qualifications as a driver to apply for jobs in other industries. If you are looking for job in a high-growth sector with a chance to enter a management position, you should consider working in the oil and gas industry as a coil tubing operator. Coil Tubing Basics Read More»