Reducing Energy Consumption and Other Earth Friendly Tips

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Tips For Choosing The Right LED Panel Diffuser

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Light behaves in relatively predictable, easy-to-understand ways — at least when it comes to relatively simple cases, such as room lighting! Photons travel in straight lines, ultimately bouncing off surfaces around the room before they arrive at your eyes. Since LEDs produce an intense amount of light from a tiny source, they can direct a large amount of light at one point and appear blinding. Most LED light panels designed for home or office use deal with this problem through the use of diffusers. Read More»

Why You Shouldn't Wait to Install Solar Electric System to Save Money

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There has been a significant and steady drop in the upfront costs associated with solar electric system installation. Looking at this trend from the last couple of years, it is expected that the hardware costs involved in such projects will continue to drop. If you have been putting off your solar system installation because you are waiting for the prices to drop even further, you may want to think again. This is not as cost-effective as you might think for the following reasons. Read More»