Reducing Energy Consumption and Other Earth Friendly Tips

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Ducts, Vents, And Furnace Checks – Are You Ready For Winter?

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Heating and cooling your home is only efficient when the air the system is producing doesn’t leak out of the windows, doors and ventilation system. Have you done everything to prepare your home for heating it this winter? Here, you’ll find a few tips beyond sealing up air leaks around the windows and doors to help you decrease heat loss this year and every year into the future. Perform a Duct Leakage Test Read More»

Shifting Your Business Lighting To Leds

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Businesses need a lot of lighting, and that can send their budget soaring as various bulbs burn out over time. As LEDs have come down in price, they have become a leading choice for bulb type when companies re-evaluate their lighting needs. If you have not yet converted your business’ lighting to LEDs, it’s time to consider it, because these bulbs are much better for almost every application. When You Need Long-Lasting Light Read More»